Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mahmoud in Cairo reports

Comrade Mahmoud from Glasgow is part of the movement in Cairo and in one of the neighbourhood self-defence committees. Just got off the 'phone with him. He said
-There are barricades up all around Tahrir, people were elated to drive out the thugs last night but they're regrouped although perhaps in smaller numbers, about 500 at Talaat Harb square. Many have been captured and punished. Almost all had security ID.
- Muslim Brotherhood is mobilising now - Thursday afternoon - to take people to the square. MB leadership not much in evidence
-Some of the tanks at the museum were at least passively with the thugs but the one on Talaat Harb is with the protests. The soldier inside fire shots in the air to disperse the thugs. Army is 'shitting itself' and nobody knows what they will do.
-People are radicalised by the situation, calling for Mubarak's execution.
-Talk that the police will come back in uniform tomorrow but all their stations have been burnt down.

-Most factories are still working, economic pressure is beginning to have an effect because the past couple of days have focused on political demands
-Protestors could overwhelm thugs but hampered by lack of leadership and co-ordination, many slogans turning simply to divine inspiration
- General strike is the key.

That's a summary of our conversation.

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